NATE Certification











The NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification tests represent real world working knowledge of HVAC and HVAC/R systems. Developed by a committee of industry experts nationwide, NATE exams represent HVAC/R topics pertinent to contractors, educators, manufacturers and utilities alike.


How Do I Become NATE-Certified?

To become NATE-certified, you must pass both a CORE and a SPECIALTY test of your choice; the specialty certification would be in either the INSTALLATION or SERVICE path. The NATE website has more detailed information about the exams.


Where Can I Test?

Coyne College offers online NATE testing. To register, visit the Resource Center to fill out an application and receive more info.  (Coyne does not offer the paper version of the NATE exam.)


Training Resources

The Resource Center has a collection of NATE reference books and CD-Roms with practice teset for in house use. For more information please ask the Librarian.


Also see the NATE website for a list of HVACR text books, study manuals, classes, and other relevant websites, in the Training Resources section.