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Student Information Resources


This webpage contains information about various services available for Coyne College students and their families. The following are examples of some of the materials included in these valuable resources. Please follow the links to find more information.


UPDATE: We also have information posted on our COVID-19 resources page. If you are seeking assistance because you have been impacted by COVID-19 please visit this page.  

COVID-19 Resources 

 COVID 19 Health * Chicago Updates * CDC Updates* Illinois Updates *

City Services Suspensions * Hotlines and Guides*

 Emergency Child Care * Financial Resources and Assistance *

 Housing * Healthcare * Food Assistance* 

Locate free or sliding scale health care services. Locations throughout the Chicagoland area are detailed.  Information about free or low cost dental clinics are also included

Locate low cost housing or apartment information. Emergency housing and shelter information is also included.

Learn how to locate and evaluate childcare. Discover after school programs sponsored by the City of Chicago and non for profit groups.

 Locate free legal assistance and learn more about topics such as expungement and fidelity bonding.

As a veteran there are many benefits that you can utilize. Information on everything from healthcare to financial aid assistance are included.

Learn if you qualify for Federal Public Assistance. Information about how to apply for assistance is also included. Locate infomation on food assistance and medical assitance.

 Learn how to effectively manage your finances.  Topics include but are not limited to: creating budgets, credit card debt, establishing good credit, saving for a home or managing and repaying your student loans.

 Learn how to use public transportation (CTA and Metra) to access our Loop campus.



Locate free or low cost mental health clinics and private counseling centers. Information on domestic violence, sexual abuse,  suicide prevention and intervention as well as grief counseling is included.

Locate LGBTQ resources. Find information about area networks, helpful associations as well as medical and legal information. 

Therapy Session


Locate free addiction hotlines where you can speak to someone about your addiction. This page also includes free and low cost addiction assistance resources and treatment centers in the Chicagoland area.

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